12 May 2011


Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which maintain the would-be of differentiating into several kinds of cells. These cells are used in place of transplantation in patients, whose immune and blood forming systems maintain been devastated by leukemia, cancer, chemotherapy or other unknown causes. Clothed in the foetus, the blood cells are formed in the liver, but immediately similar to birth they are produced exclusively in bone center. If center is transplanted to the same human being from someplace it was taken in place of culture, it is described as autotransplantation and if donated to someone to boot, it is called allogenic transplantation.

Monoclonal antibodies maintain been used to stem cells from the heap of cells in the bone center. These monoclonal antibodies react to a cell marker or antigen called CD34, which is particular in place of primitive bone center stem cells.

Several hormones are besides to be had which stimulate copying of precursor blood cells e.G. Granulocyte colony stimulating cause (G-CSF), Interleukin-6, Interleukin-11 and stem cell cause.

Monoclonal antibodies linked with toxins can be used in place of murder the spiteful cells. Chemotherapy with extracted bone center can besides be used in place of destroying spiteful stem cells.

Clothed in opportunity, labors are being made to put in storage the stem cells of a healthy person permanently and wear out them each time requisite. This will be promising whilst the techniques to culture stem cells would be standardized especially using umbilical cord blood which may well happen to an of great consequence source of stem cells.

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