29 May 2011


Using Recombinant genetic material equipment, we can detach and clone single imitation of a gene or a genetic material segment into an indefinite digit of copies, all identical. These extra combinations of genetic equipment or Recombinant genetic material '(rDNA)' molecules are introduced into host cells, everywhere they publicize and multiply. The practice or slant is called Recombinant genetic material equipment or "Genetic engineering".
The initially recombinant genetic material molecules were generated by Paul Berg, Herbert Boyer, Annie Chang, and Stanley Cohen in 1973.

To take rDNA steps involved are:
A)           The genetic material fragment containing the gene sequence to be cloned (also renowned as ('insert') is isolated.

B)            Insertion of these genetic material fragments into a host cell using a "vector" (carrier genetic material molecule).

C)            The rDNA molecules are generated as the vector self replicates in the host cell.

D)           Transfer of the rDNA molecules into an appropriate host cell.

E)            Selection of the host cells transportation the rDNA molecule using a marker.

F)            Replication of the cells transportation rDNA molecules to make a genetically identical cells population or clone.

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