29 May 2011


A microarray is typically a schooner slide, on to which genetic material molecules are attached by fixed locations or a skin condition. This equipment facility on the corrupt mixture or hybridization of single-stranded nucleic acids. The generally commonly used molecule is cDNA or complementary genetic material which is derived from courier DNA. The cDNA is labeled with a reporter molecule (generally fluorescent molecules) to detect it as bound to microarray. A fastidious genome commonly has a generous digit of genes which be inflicted with their own DNA transcripts. Under in vitro conditions DNA is unstable ( prone to attack by RNases) therefore it is converted into cDNA by using RT-PCR practice. Since all cDNA is derived from a evident courier DNA, all figure represents an articulated gene. The reporter fluorescent molecule emits fluorescence which indicates distinguished face levels of a fastidious gene. Thus by using this practice the face pattern and functioning of thousands of genes can be analyzed on a small slide single.

Foremost steps involved in comparative microarray hybridization experiments

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