27 May 2011

The 2010 Biotech Graveyard

When the monetary predicament reached its summit in 2009, biotech companies were blow relentlessly. We buried 16 developers in our initial once a year Biotech Graveyard directory most recent day, and while to facilitate numeral has dropped significantly in 2010, at hand were still eight biotechs to facilitate simply couldn't notice a buyer or the money vital to take up again their run. Several of these developers struggled on behalf of years with solvency problems until at long last their good luck run away from home, while others were on no account able to recover from disappointing clinical trial results.
The well-mannered news at this juncture is to facilitate semi as many companies folded as in 2009. Previously biotechs were dying on an alarming pace the first part of most recent day. But the trend began to thick at some stage in the latter months of 2009, and 2010 bankruptcies and liquidations seemed a small amount of and far stuck between. It's an cheering sign to facilitate many small developers take weathered the storm.

    * Anesiva - South San Francisco, CA
    * AutoImmune - Pasadena, CA
    * ConjuChem - Montreal, Canada
    * Hawaii Biotech - Aiea, hello
    * Middlebrook Pharmaceuticals - Westlake, TX
    * Neuropharm - United Kingdom
    * Vion Pharmaceuticals - New Haven, CT
    * VitalMedix - Hudson, WI

Within medicine, present biotechnology finds promising applications in such areas as
    * drug production
    * pharmacogenomics
    * gene therapy
 * genetic difficult: Techniques in molecular biology detect genetic diseases. To test the upward fetus on behalf of Down syndrome, Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling can be used

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