27 May 2011

Biotech Graveyard

Anesiva - 2010 Biotech Graveyard
What Happened: Anesiva's problems began in 2008 at what time the company voted to peter out making transdermal ache scrap Zingo due to continuing manufacturing problems. When job cuts and a going-concern notice followed, Anesiva attempted to stay buoyant by inking a amalgamation agreement with Arcion Therapeutics. But the deal came with around tough provisions, counting a requirement to facilitate Anesiva raise $20 million from a supply garage sale and clean up around amount outstanding. The South San Francisco-based company announced in too late 2009 it couldn't complete a intended amalgamation, and would in its place stop operations and dossier on behalf of liquidation.

AutoImmune - 2010 Biotech Graveyard
What Happened: AutoImmune, which had been working on products to delight autoimmune and other cell-mediated stirring conditions, in progress its downward slide once exposure lackluster results from a Phase III failure of multiple sclerosis drug dirucotide, a medicine it had been upward with BioMS. The developer hired Junewicz & Co. To explore its strategic options. After the evaluation proc

 ConjuChem - 2010 Biotech Graveyard

What Happened: ConjuChem was upward a diabetes drug and a long-acting insulin. After experiencing an extended phase of monetary turmoil, and announced in in January 2010 to facilitate the company was looking on behalf of buyers. With rejection offers materializing, the company filed on behalf of liquidation in 2010. There's rejection word yet on could you repeat that? Will go down to the company's portfolio of drugs.

Hawaii Biotech - 2010 Biotech Graveyard

What Happened: Hawaii Biotech was upward vaccines on behalf of dengue fever to West Nile virus. Despite triumphant trials, the company supposed earlier this day to facilitate it was running away from home of cash and requested to facilitate it's Chapter 11 filing be converted to to a Chapter 11 363(b) asset garage sale provision. An sale of the company's worth was scheduled on behalf of July, and Merck agreed to leverage the bankrupt biotech's dengue fever vaccine company on behalf of an undisclosed sum. There's rejection word on could you repeat that? Happened the Hawaii's West Nile virus vaccine.

Middlebrook Pharmaceuticals - 2010 Biotech Graveyard
What Happened: Middlebrook has been in a downward slide on behalf of the better part of two years. The developer went through two rounds of layoffs in 2009, and in demonstration announced to facilitate it was eliminating its topic sales force and significantly plummeting its corporate operate to preserve money as it explored its options. For example part of the cut-backs, boss John Thievon resigned. The company filed on behalf of Chapter 11 liquidation in April and Victory Pharma is purchasing all the company's assets on behalf of $17.1 million the following month. Middlebrook's merely marketed drug was Moxatag on behalf of sore throat, which it was commercializing through DoctorDirectory.Com.

Neuropharm - 2010 Biotech Graveyard

What Happened: Neuropharm's shares took a beating the first part of most recent day once the biotech reported to facilitate its late-stage trial on behalf of an experimental autism therapy flunked its primary endpoint. Though its supply was revitalized winning rumors to facilitate it was getting close to a deal on behalf of NPL-2008, the deal on no account materialized. Within April the developer opted on behalf of a voluntary bankruptcy, saw it would take sufficient funds to return money to its shareholders once paying creditors. There are rejection ongoing trials of NPL-2008.
Vion Pharmaceuticals - 2010 Biotech Graveyard
What Happened: Faced with an FDA demand to mount a fresh clinical trial on behalf of its late-stage cancer therapy, Vion Pharmaceuticals Chapter 11 liquidation protection in December. The developer didn't take a sufficient amount money to conduct the trial. Vion supposed its experimental drug assets were on behalf of garage sale and to facilitate the company would take to assassinate.

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