30 May 2011

Calculation of S

Vr = partial given volume of the molecule

N = Avogadro's come to

F = frictional coefficient

S = sedimentation coefficient (units: 1 Svedberg = 10-13 sec)

The exceeding equation depends on the size of the molecule (M), however the appearance of the molecule acting an weighty role in its behavior under centrifugal force so it is appropriate to take this (f) into bank account.

This is the Svedberg equation and is used to depict the gesture of the particle in expressions of molecular significance (a size term) and frictional coefficient (a appearance term). The equation plus relates the gesture to the solvent density.

The Svedberg coefficients are not stabilizer. That is, 40S plus 60S does not equal 100S. This is the set of circumstances in support of the ribosomal subunits, somewhere the combination of a 40S small subunit and a 60S copious subunit produces an 80S complete ribosome

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