27 May 2011

Stem Cells and Regenerative Biology

Most important Topics on behalf of Discussion:
1)      What are Stem Cells?
2)      What are the major types of Stem Cells and everywhere are they found?
3)      Advantages & Disadvantages to ESCs and ASCs
4)      Why are Stem Cells so very vital?
5)      The Controversy more Stem Cells?

What are Stem Cells?
Stem Cells are extraordinary since:
            They can divide and render identical copies of
    Themselves more and more again (Self-Renewal)
             Remain Unspecialized with thumbs down ‘specific’ 
    Function  or befit . . . .
             Specialized (Differentiated) w/ the probable
    To give more 200 several types of cells in 
    The body

The most important Types of Stem Cells
A.         Embryonic Stem Cells
          From blastocysts missing more from In-Vitro Fertilization in the laboratory
          From aborted fetuses
B. Adult Stem Cells
          Stem cells encompass been found in the blood, bone core, liver, kidney, cornea, dental pulp, umbilical cord, brain, skin, muscle, salivary gland .

Why is Stem Cell Research So Important to All of Us?
Ü  Stem cells allow us to study how organisms grow and develop more age.
Ü  Stem cells can change unwell or damaged cells with the intention of can not heal or renew themselves.
Ü  We can test several substances (drugs and chemicals) on stem cells.
Ü  We can move a better understanding of our “genetic machinery.”
What Human Diseases are Currently Being Treated with Stem Cells?
          Parkinson’s Disease
          Leukemia (Bone Marrow Transplants)
          Skin Grafts ensuing from cruel burns
Stem Cell Therapy has the Potential to:
          Regenerate tissues/organs
Cure diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and so forth

Why the Controversy Over Stem cells?
          Embryonic Stem cells are derived from trimming blastocysts with the intention of would otherwise be discarded following IVF.
          Extracting stem cells destroys the on the rise blastocyst (embryo).
-Questions on behalf of Consideration-
Is an kernel a person?
Is it morally acceptable to exploitation embryos on behalf of do research?
When solve we befit “human beings?”

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