27 May 2011


Pharmacogenomics is the study of how the genetic inheritance of an person affects his/her body’s response to drugs. It is a coined word derived from the terminology “pharmacology” and “genomics”. It is for this reason the study of the liaison stuck between pharmaceuticals and genetics. The prediction of pharmacogenomics is to be able to design and fabricate drugs to facilitate are adapted to each one person’s genetic framework

Pharmacogenomics results in the following payback:
   1. Development of tailor-made medicines. Using pharmacogenomics, pharmaceutical companies can create drugs based on the proteins, enzymes and DNA molecules to facilitate are associated with special genes and diseases. These tailor-made drugs secure not merely to capitalize on curative sound effects but as well to decrease destruction to nearby healthy cells.
   2. Supplementary accurate methods of determining appropriate drug dosages. Knowing a patient’s genetics will enable doctors to determine how well his/ her body can process and metabolize a medicine. This will capitalize on the appreciate of the medicine and decrease the likelihood of overdose.
   3. Improvements in the drug discovery and support process. The discovery of aptitude therapies will be made easier using genome targets. Genes take been associated with numerous diseases and disorders. With present biotechnology, these genes can be used as targets on behalf of the development of successful fresh therapies, which can significantly shorten the drug discovery process.
   4. Better vaccines. Safer vaccines can be designed and produced by organisms transformed by earnings of genetic engineering. These vaccines will extract the immune response lacking the attendant risks of infection. They will be inexpensive, perpetual, laid-back to accumulation, and skilled of being engineered to supply several strains of pathogen on once upon a time

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