27 Mar 2014

My wight loss tips

10 ways drinking warm water with lemon and honey
  1. Helps beat bad breath and improves oral health
  2. Can help give you a natural glow and clear skin
  3. Helps keep constipation at bay
  4. Hastens the process of weight loss

18 Mar 2014

fingerprint does not contain your genetic code

...THE POWER of genetic information has shaped virtually every aspect of medicine. On one hand, we have learned about diseases and treatments that are now defined by patients’ genomes. Certain genes can predict colorectal cancer with near certainty and, in women, the BRCA mutations, famously discussed by Angelina Jolie, can denote a greater than 80 percent risk of developing breast cancer. We can screen newborns for dozens of genetic diseases and immediately know which diets to avoid giving them or which medications to begin early. Physicians are using genetic markers to better tailor therapies to individual patients. We are certainly entering a new era.