11 May 2011


1.Before running a centrifuge, check the classification marker on the centrifuge to ensure with the intention of the rotor is safe to aid in the centrifuge by furnish.
2.Never aid an alkali detergent on a rotor (most are highly alkaline - be guaranteed to check previous to use).
3.Always clean and completely dry the rotor with each aid. Any spilled equipment, especially salts and biting solvents should be indifferent at once with running fill up. Fixed slant rotors are stored upside down, to drain with thorough cleaning and rinsing. Swinging buckets be inflicted with single the buckets cleaned and dried, and stored inverted and with the caps indifferent. NEVER throw yourself into the rotor portion of a swinging pail rotor. Inevitably the linkage pins will corrode, as it is effectively impracticable to remove all fluids from them.
4.Befall especially precise not to scrape the go up of a rotor or pail. Use plastic brushes single. Normal wire brushes will scrape the anodized go up of aluminum rotors which will boost the likelihood of deterioration. The anodized layer is exceptionally watery and is the foremost protection hostile to deterioration of an aluminum rotor.
5.Always aid the proper centrifuge tube. Glass tubes are used in clinical centrifuges single. High Speed Corex tubes can be used up to 15,000 RPM (in SS34 rotor) IF here are thumbs down scratches or imperfections in the schooner, and if the proper rubber or plastic adapter is employed. All ultracentrifugation aid employs nitrocellulose or polyallomer tubes. Nitrocellulose ages and will collapse in a strong centrifugal meadow if old.
6.Always fill the centrifuge tubes to the proper level. (usually satiated to surrounded by 1/2 creep of the top). The tubes are watery walled and will collapse if improperly to the top.
7.Always balance the rotor by the book. Use a precision extent pro generally bring about. Always balance the tube with a standard with the intention of is identical to with the intention of being centrifuged, i.E. Sort out not balance an alcohol solution with fill up, or a dense sucrose solution with fill up single -- the distribution of the densities will be incorrect. For swinging buckets, be guaranteed the buckets are weighed with their caps in place, with the intention of the seals are intact and with the intention of the caps are secure. Befall precise in the placement of tubes surrounded by a rotor to ensure proper balance - check the manufacturer’s guides pro complicated rotors with the intention of call multiple tubes.
8.Ensure with the intention of the rotor is by the book seated surrounded by the centrifuge. For swinging buckets, ensure with the intention of they are lynching by the book. - Double or Triple check! For preparative rotors, be guaranteed the rotor cover is in place and by the book screwed down, everywhere appropriate. NEVER aid a rotor lacking its lid, as lone is supplied - in approximately suitcases the screw in fact holds the rotor to the motor bar; in others, it seals the contents of the rotor from explosively evaporating into the vacuum surrounded by the centrifuge chamber.
9.Check with the intention of the centrifuge chamber is clean, defrosted and with the intention of all membranes or measuring diplomacy are intact and functional (Beckman alacrity and warmth controls) and with the intention of the lid is securely clogged.
10.Adjust hastening tariff, deceleration tariff, warmth and RPM controls as appropriate. Set brake on or rancid as appropriate and check vacuum level everywhere appropriate.
11.Set the timer and alacrity controls and start the centrifuge. Do not attempt to commence the centrifuge until the rotor has occur to a complete bring to a standstill.
12.Before opening the centrifuge, confirmation the appropriate in rank in the centrifuge log.

Note: If by the book balanced and used, the rotor must accelerate smoothly and with a constant exchange in the pitch of the motor sound. Any atmosphere, or scarce sounds must alert the operator to IMMEDIATELY bring the run to an aim by the safest earnings doable (turn rancid power, curve down calculate, and that.) . NEVER leave the centrifuge until you are particular with the intention of it has reached its operating alacrity and is functioning by the book. All rotors energy through a minor vibration period as they initially start. There will be a minor flicker as the rotor reaches its choral vibration top - sort out not confuse this with a serious vibration caused by imbalance. A additional vibration could occur when the referigeration element cuts in and made known.
If in doubt, halt the centrifuge and make assistance.

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