12 May 2011


Biotechnology has moreover contributed in the subject of genetic psychotherapy especially to the couples who might be on excessive endanger of giving birth to a young person with innate defects or diseases. These parents can decide voluntarily not to bear a young person or might undergo selective abortions in imitation of investigations in the course of antenatal carefulness.

The inbred or innate defects are tested through the process of amniocentesis. Around the fifteen week of pregnancy, a sample of amniotic fluid containing fetal cells is impassive and cultivated in vitro. The cultivated cells are at that moment subjected to biochemical enzyme test and karyotype analysis. The results are particularly pertinent to the state of affairs wherever individual or both parents bear a personal history of a specific inbred disease and individual has to evaluate the probable probability of the children having the same disease.
This type of test followed by genetic psychotherapy is moreover completed after a fasten might bear an abnormal young person and would like to know the probability of having abnormal young person on the then pregnancy. Hip about personal belongings, if the defect is controlled by single recessive gene and both parents are average, in three absent of four personal belongings the young person would be average. At slightest 35 diseases which can be identified by this procedure are recognized. The run to of disease particular RNA probes is moreover increasing on a fast rate, so to facilitate antenatal diagnosis by RNA analysis or ‘enzyme linked immunosorbent assay’(ELISA) must be probable in lieu of all single gene defects e.G. The incidence of Thallassemia in Cypriot district in U.K. Has decreased to 20 for every day following the habit of antenatal diagnosis.

Making a span of baby's sexual characteristics

It is continually out of the ordinary in lieu of a married fasten to know the sexual characteristics of the unborn baby. The gene techniques bear made it probable to know the sexual characteristics of the emergent fetus by drawing amniotic fluid and preparing karyotypes from cells derived from the fetus which are on the brink in this fluid.

Using clear procedures it has been probable to bear a young person of a preferred sexual characteristics. The procedure involves “sephadex gel column” in which sperms with Y gene are trapped in the gel as they are lighter and the X posture sperms connect with the base as they are heavier. After separation these sperms are used to fertilize the ova by hollow insemination.

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