14 May 2011


Metabolic engineering is the enhancement of cellular activities by manipulation of enzymatic, convey and regulatory functions of the cell with the aid of recombinant genetic material equipment. Inside order to make the overproduction of the desired metabolite, the metabolic pathways and bioprocesses of the cell are modified by the genetic manipulations in the cell.
The overproduction of metabolite can furthermore be achieved by change followed by selection of the improved strains of living organisms exhibiting the desired feature. However, metabolic engineering involves the introduction of heterologous genes and regulatory elements which leads to embattled alterations in habitual cellular activities. The process has several components such as biosynthesis of a metabolite, manipulation of protein dispensation pathways and that.
This meadow is still in it’s nascent stage and greater hard work are looked-for to understand the complicated interactions of metabolic networks. The limitations existing in the meadow of metabolic engineering are a challenge pro the prospect compound engineers working in this exciting meadow of biotechnology.

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