21 May 2011

Wheat Germ DNA Extraction


    250 ml beaker
    Baking soda
    Hot plate
    Adolph's natural meat tenderizer
    Non-roasted wheat germ
    Ice cold 95% ethanol
    15 ml test tube
    PH meter
    Glass stirring rod
    Distilled water
    Test tube rack or 250 ml beaker
    Graduated cylinders (10ml and 100ml)

Baking soda solution:

    Add baking soda to distilled water until a pH of approximately 8.0 is reached.


    Add 100 ml distilled water to a beaker and heat to 50-60oC.

    Add 1.5 g wheat germ and mix until dissolved.

    Add 5 ml detergent. Maintain 50-60oC temperature and stir for 5 minutes.

    Add 3 g meat tenderizer.

    Add baking soda solution to bring the pH to approximately 8.0.

    Maintain the 50-60oC temperature and stir for 10 minutes.

    Remove from heat.

    Add 6 ml of the solution to a test tube and cool to room temperature.

    Pour 6 ml ice cold ethanol carefully down the side of the tube to form a layer.

    Let the mixture sit undisturbed 2-3 minutes until bubbling stops.

    The DNA will float in the alcohol. Swirl a glass stirring rod at the interface of the two layers to see the small threads of DNA.

Modified from: "Wheat Germ DNA Extraction" Judy Brown

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