23 May 2011

Health, Science and Society with Dr. Mike Magee

• What is Health, Science and Society?

    Each week Mike Magee, MD, discusses a timely science, medicine, and shape theme on his Health Politics Web locates (www.Healthcommentary.Org). Dr. Magee's extensive archives be inflicted with currently been made unfilled to Access Excellence users as "Health, Science, and Society." The archival equipment with the intention of be inflicted with been selected by AE's editors all come across the following guidelines and criteria: They take up National Science Education Standards and/or National Health Education Standards; they are built-in in midpoint and distinguished teach science and shape curricula; and they are of fastidious weight to midpoint and distinguished teach students. Each theme includes four to seven conversation questions and associations to bonus in rank on the theme, and a transcript of Dr. Magee's have a discussion..

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Meet Dr. Magee - Newsmaker Interview

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