9 Jun 2011


Transgenic plants are genetically engineered varieties containing lone or more artificially inserted genes. The take aim of producing transgenic plants is to
A) increase crop yields
 B) boost variety
 C) produce cultivated plants more protection hostile to their pests, bedbugs and harsh weather conditions.
 Most of the techniques used to yield transgenic plants single exhibit with the intention of genes may possibly be transferred in to plants. Transgenic plants strong to herbicides, insects, viruses and a variety of other stresses be inflicted with already been produced. Besides this, transgenic plants apposite pro food dispensation be inflicted with furthermore been produced such as shiner resistance, delayed ripening in tomato. Initially, the techniques used single helped in the production of transgenic plants in dicotyledons but thumbs down it has been doable to yield transgenic plants in monocotyledons like wheat, maize, rice and oats.
 The safety of these transgenic plants pro creature consumption must be painstakingly evaluated previous to they are commercially used. The safety of growing and using these transgenic plants is of interest pro the broadcast by generous.
Table A catalog of privileged plants everywhere transgenic plants be inflicted with been produced using uncommon methods..

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