26 Jun 2011

Geology and Geophysics

Basic Concept Of EM Induction
Conduction Of Electricity Through Rocks
Cosmic Abundance
Crystal Symmetry, Forms, Twinning
Earth And Planetary System
Earth’s Magnetic Field - Elements
Engineering Properties Of Rocks And Soils
G’ And ‘G’ Units Of Measurement
Geomorphic Processes And Agents
Geophysical Inverse Problems
Geophysical Signal Processing
Igneous Rocks - Classification, Forms And Textures, Magmatic Differentiation
Introduction To Remote Sensing
Ore Mineralogy And Optical Properties Of Ore Minerals
Radioactive And Non Radioactive Deposits
Scalar And Vector Potential Fields
Soil Formation
Stratigraphic Principles And Indian Stratigraphy
Stress, Strain And Material Response

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