23 Jun 2011

make out More About warning plus Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is very delicate stage of life to women. You should be careful in what you eat, drink and do. Symptoms of pregnancy should be watched out in order to be alert on the dos and don’ts during pregnancy. These symptoms will cause changes to you in physical or emotional aspect. For some, they may confuse it with other illness. So we should be sure on knowing what really it is.

Morning sickness is the most common sign of pregnancy but not all pregnant women experience this. Take note of the difference of sign and symptoms to the other illness. Have time to feel and inspect yourself first before concluding.

Breast tenderness and change in the size is an early sign and symptom of pregnancy. This enlarges for you to be ready for breastfeeding. Some may experience tingling and sharp sensation to this Darkening of the areola can be seen through the entire pregnancy period. Nausea and vomiting is a classic sign and symptoms of pregnancy. This happens on the first three months of pregnancy usually occur on the morning. It disappears on the late stage of pregnancy period. Most pregnant women would experience fatigue. Body image is also change, wider hips and increase in weight. Sign and symptom of pregnancy also include frequent urination, change in smell and taste and constipation.

The above sign and symptom of pregnancy may be confirmed by consulting a doctor or by home pregnancy tests. This is 100 percent sure if you do so. It is better to know early for you to become careful

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