1 Jun 2011


Communications/media - exposure, prose, control mess locate development
Computers - data corrupt development, bioinformatics and that
Drugs and Pharmaceutical companies
Engineering -working in bioprocess chambers, Instrumentation development, Fermentation equipment
  E.G. Cancer, genetically linked diseases, AIDS
Laboratories funded by broadcast and confidential sectors
Waste management, bio-monitoring bodies and pollution control boards
Medicine - The health check genetics, genetic analysis, gene therapy and gene difficult uses biotechnological tools.
Energy Institutes
Food dispensation industry
Bio-processing industry
  E.G. Enzyme equipment, paper equipment, metabolic engineering, protein engineering and that
Agriculture and creature husbandry
Legal meadow relating issues correlated to intellectual property civil rights, patency, copyrights correlated to the meadow of biotechnology. The issues correlated to Genetic and Paternity difficult furthermore requires the combined expertise of biotechnologist and a law expert.
Millitary - With the worry of Biological combat alarming generous on the creature civilization, a biotechnologist is looked-for in pathogen identification, in the development of protection hostile to the compound and biological combat, and in responsibility the expose assessment studies
Crime and law - With the aid of genetic material finger printing in Forensic science it has be converted into straightforward to create a data layer of the criminals and so catch the culprits nearer..And and that..,

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