1 Jun 2011


Some of the companies with jobs in biotechnology
A) Glaxo Smith Kline
B) Zeneca
C) Rhone-Poulene- Rorer
D) CellTech
E) British Biotechnology
F) Xenova
Some of the Indian companies with
Jobs in Biotechnology
A) Hindustan Lever Ltd.
B) Thapar Group
C) Indo-American
D) Hybrid seeds
E) Biocon
F) Hindustan Antibiotics
G) Tata Engineering Research Institute
H) Dr. Reddy’s laboratory
I) Reliance
Some of the Top leading Biotechnology companies of the planet
A) Amgen, USA
B) Genetech, USA
C) Serono, Switzerland
D) Biogen Idec, USA
E) Genzyme, USA
F) Chiron
G) Gilead, USA
H) CSL, Australia
I) Cephalon
Some of the leading Institutes/ Universities responsibility top quality biotechnology investigate
A) Harvard
B) University of Tokyo
C) University of London
Some of the leading universities which produced most digit of biotechnological patents
A) University of Texas
B) U.C. San Francisco
C) John Hopkins
D) Stanford
E) Cornell Univ.
Some of the leading universities/Institutes which transformed biotechnological investigate into money-making enterprises
A)           Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B) University of California
C) Stanford University
D) Univ. Of Florida
E) Univ. Of Minnesota
F) Brigham Young Univ.
G) Univ. Of British Columbia
H) Univ. Of Michigan
I) New York University....

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