4 Dec 2011

Viruses as bio nanotechnology (how a virus works)

There are many methods of mortifying creature genetic material, early with EMF, vaccinations and finish with GM foods. Viruses are reproduction nanotechnology (which does not necessarily mean MAN-MADE) produced especially pro this function. According to contemporary studies 32% of creature genome consists of the in rank encoded by virus-like elements and transposons. Viruses are non-living infinitesimal particles with the intention of attack healthy cells surrounded by living things. They sort out not be inflicted with the characteristics of living things and incapable to metabolize. Viruses are not alive, so they sort out not be inflicted with a need pro food like living organisms. Viruses sort out not be inflicted with an methodical cell organize. They are so light with the intention of they can float in the air or fill up, be voted for on to other organisms if touched, and fit anywhere. Viruses invade the cells of both plants and animals. They breed inside healthy cells causing diseases with the intention of are tricky to handle. Viruses cannot breed by themselves like bacteria or cells. They should glue themselves to the cell crust of animals, or cell wall of plants and inject a part of their genetic material into the cells of the host organism.. They sort out this by using a hollow tube organize to stab the cell wall/membrane and pass its genetic material into the cell. New virus cells are incubated inside the invaded cell. Once the virus genetic material reproduces itself inside the cell, it uses the natural process of osmosis to leave the cell. These extra virus cells glue to other healthy cells and infect them too. There are thumbs down renowned medicines hostile to viruses. Antibiotics (Anti = Against, Bio = Life) used to handle infections caused by microorganisms are inefficient hostile to viruses due to the detail with the intention of viruses are not alive.

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