7 Dec 2011

Stemade Biotech launches dental stem cell banking in Chandigarh

Bangalore, Dec 06, 2011: Stemade Biotech, a pioneer in dental stem cell banking in Asia region and India's initially player in dental stem cell banking, announced the launch of its operations in Chandigarh with its thriving launch in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. Stemade Biotech offers initially of its kind equipment, enabling the extraction of viable stem cells from the milk teeth and wisdom teeth and having them carefully preserved in special cryogenic storage space facilities. Inside contrast to umbilical cord blood banking everywhere stem cells are obtained from the cord of a newly born outcome, this innovative option allows an party a better window to harvest and pile stem cells with the intention of be inflicted with the the makings to buffer those from vital shape concerns with the intention of could rise in the prospect. The launch of this innovative European equipment, accredited by Stemade pro the Indian and Pan Asian markets, will help in building an full generation with the intention of will help them to visage their prospect assertively.
According to the Founder & Managing Director Mr Shailesh Gadre, "We be inflicted with been receiving clear response from our other centers which motivated us to enlarge our get to to Chandigarh. We be inflicted with already identified our the makings partners, who are fully equipped along with well-trained technical expert team, boosting our confidence in extending our service successfully". Further count he specified with the intention of; "Cord blood banking promote, everywhere the opportunity is unfilled single by birth, is now poised by a range of 80k - 1 Lakh, however with dental stem cell, the promote is positioned five era more than with the intention of, Therefore we are quite optimist in this area success a lakh registration by 2013".
Dr Anand Sajnani, Pediatric Dentist, Associated with Stemade Biotech understood, "Dental Stem cells are a heady source of mesenchymal (tissue-related) stem cells whilst umbilical cord blood provides hematopoietic (blood-related) stem cells. Hematopoietic stem cells be inflicted with the the makings to handle single blood correlated disorders such as leukemia and that. While, mesenchymal stem cells be inflicted with the makings applications in all other tissues of your body such as brain (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's), eye (corneal reconstruction), liver (cirrhosis), pancreas (diabetes), bone (fractures, reconstruction), cartilage (osteoarthritis) and that. For all persons public who be inflicted with missed the opportunity of storing umbilical cord blood while manner of speaking, dental stem cell banking provides a remarkable option. Dental stem cells provide a wonderful opportunity, not single to children but furthermore to teenagers and adults to layer their stem cells."

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