23 Dec 2011

Productive Nanosystems (From molecules to superproducts)

Visualizing productive nanosystems and molecular manufacturing is a major challenge in communicating the power of this technology. To help address this problem, Nanorex (http://www.Nanorex.Com ) and the Foresight Institute (http://www.Foresight.Org/ ) established a challenge grant to fund the production of a new computer-generated animated short film called "Productive Nanosystems: From Molecules to Superproducts". This was a collaborative project of animator and engineer, John Burch (http://www.Lizardfire.Com/ ), and pioneer nanotechnologist, Dr. K. Eric Drexler (http://www.E-drexler.Com/ ). The film depicts an animated view of a nanofactory and demonstrates key steps in a process that converts simple molecules into a billion-CPU laptop computer

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