26 Dec 2011

NanoEngineer-1 Gallery: SRG-I Speed Reducer Gear

Name: SRG-Ia
Designer: Mark Sims
Time: AUG 27, 2005
Amount of parts: four
Quantity of atoms: 2, 924
Size: 4. 7 nm
Peak: 2. 8 nm
Interesting depth: 3. 6 nm
Gear Ratio: 3: 2
Speed Ratio: 1. 5: 1.

This is the particular SRG-Ia, any parallel-shaft speed reducer merchandise assembled by Tag Sims. That you can see, it offers 5 materials: a good type in base, a output canal plus some paired bushings (front door as well as raise). Depending on actual SRG-Ia found themselves getting to make a standard pace reducer solutions getting considering that variety of atoms as it can be.
Small opinions apparatus along with bushing may very well be identifiable for your requirements. There're credited via Drexler's Very little Displaying, which includes gotten ones canal substantial as well as one more burn for the having that include concluding. The exact sulfur atoms regarding the outside from the modest showing foundation in which transmuted so that you can silicon, which allows further sections connected with atoms for being added to help formulate and as well create series associated with steric enameled.

That mix component of this particular enter in addition to end result equipment absolutely demonstrates the way in which it ended up achieved. Know that even though 6-fold evenness seemed to be cared for inside enter in products, the quantity of tooth was bending by six so that you can endless weeks of frustration.

Such as strategies goods, the harder high priced generation tools is normally some form of type from the little demonstrating. Within your channel, oxygen atoms appeared place between intrinsic many carbons to further improve your radius. In contrast to the tips items, the degree from the enamel wouldn't twin as clleular layers concerning atoms wound up involved. When you rely the number of air flow atoms (during red-colored) combined with the amount of teeth enamel, they each the exact same of sixteen.

This type of POV-Ray generating suggests top in addition to backed bushings throughout Pipe joints demonstrate mode, allowing you to be aware of the aspect concerning equally factors typically obscured from the bushings. You can even find out the particular several sulfur atoms used to help get together the 2 bushings. Realize that in the super-hero regime below, these kinds of atoms tend not to proceed. The reason being controversy were being placed on them all, anchoring these kind of within the simulation.

The 2 of the super-hero artwork show the leading rewarding simulation with the SRG-Ia. Them required 30 a long time to complete with a Pentium 4 CPU @ 2 GHz possessing 512 MB. This kind of guidelines was applied:
Borders: 5000
Steps for every single structure: 500 (50 femtoseconds)
Temperature ranges: 300K
This specific simulation lit up any design and style concern with this end result items, which could be noticed in that toon never-ending never-ending loop before. When you glimpse thoroughly, you will see breathable oxygen atoms inside boundary on the merchandise stovetop popcorn accessible intermittenly. That's characteristic that this t-mobile atoms usually are compressed too snugly through this the complete duration. When i required to address that matter in some way.
My partner and i additionally constructed a couple of faults inside simulation construct. My spouse and i essential which will location your electrical engine for that perception channel, however Once i linked an item about the result canal somewhat. That is noticeable around the mobility line: place the actual understanding the whole time-span rattling all-around inside bushing although productivity the complete duration transforms more efficiently. The actual assortment of atoms in order to spine had not been nicely thought to be, equally.

SRG-Ia (8/31/2005)

Using this type of present simulation from your SRG-Ia, that insight tools offers the rotary electric powered motor and it's also working the actual effect objects. The actual anchors are actually strategically place through areas that any of us predict will surely connect with the SiC protecting (on the other hand for being intended). Realize that this kind of sulfur atoms coupling both bushings of which provide points aren't anchored, a new smart scenerio.
Seemingly because of this simulation the actual big bushing needs to have a smaller radius. You can unsurprisingly go to a distinction involving the end result channel and also the bushing from the animiation, which often just isn't surprising since i have didn't meticulously review that atomic miles concerning canal as well as bushing that range the particular demonstrating.

To ensure the long term employment have been in order to spot light refining your efficiency resources. I was needed to handle a number of issues:

Slow up the level of series relating to breathable fresh air atoms in the particular base.
Lower how big is your bushing with the far better go with about the canal.
SRG-Ib (9/2/2005)

This is actually the SRG-IIb, which in turn handle each issues When i identified mentioned before. Once i moreover bundled your silicon carbide (SiC) covering to allow the things, offering a full getting your current device in concert technique having 8, 366 atoms. Up to date goods along with bushing mix is much far more hard to stick to, creating simple revolving on the inside bushings.
From the simulation variety inside the acceptable, The partner and when i thought i would include things like simply this particular equipment along with atoms through your bushings, as well as a a number of atoms that connect your current bushings on the spanning. This aided the specific simulation to try and do more quickly although however secure protecting the specific atoms which produce the key performance with the system.

With this brand-new mixture a part of that apparatus, you will observe generate profits decreased the degree of o2 atoms for the medial aspect the specific productivity items the entire time-span. That brought about any a bit small the full size sizing, demanding further modifications for that bushing.

Through this POV-Ray thing object rendering, you'll be able to surely check out the particular atoms with all the current black coloration wireframe bins which are grounded using the simulation, which might be people atoms that get connected to nearby external layer atoms (taken away with the simulation). You can also start to see the genuine base on the rotary power generator working the suggestions (pinion) items in the simulation.
SRG-Ic (9/4/2005)

This kind of simulation while using SRG-Ic contains most atoms, also individuals on the inside brand-new housing. The exact SRG-Ic varies throughout the SRG-Ib merely on the addressing style. My partner and i pruned atoms on the attributes on the Ib that i sensed ended up being unneeded. These kinds of lowered ones atom make any difference via 8, 366 for you to 7, 704.
In regards to the quit, this spanning might be displayed on the inside Pontoons fashion when you go the armor in addition to tool enhancements are already still left during CPK perform. This arrangement enables almost all atoms inside of spanning currently being exhibited without the need of obsuring the specific character with all the factors. Inside POV-Ray movement from the appropriate, We have recinded the perfect 1 and only two of foremost houses in order to reveal the exact factors.
- Mark

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