26 Dec 2011

NanoEngineer-1 Gallery: SRG-III Speed Reducer Gear

Designer: Mark Sims
Time: AUG 31, 2005
Amount of parts: 4
Quantity of atoms: 15,342
Size: 11.3 nm
Peak: 7.5 nm
Interesting depth: 5. 6 nm
Gear Ratio: 13: 6
Speed Ratio: 2. 167: 1

This SRG-III could possibly be the ultimately parallel-shaft velocity reducer items put together by Marking Sims. Any cross from the SRG-I in conjunction with SRG-II, could it be does not very first molecular items prepare basically intended. Applying 15, 342 atoms, the SRG-III would be the minute finest nanomechanical gadget in the past patterned within atomic detail.

This kind of movements connect exhibits a portion in the molecular character simulation during which had obtained almost thirty-one a while to try and do along with my personal Dell laptop computer. We now have taken out the exact front-top 1 or two this particular silicon carbide outer shell that you can explose the equipment educate.
The exact rotary generator (certainly not verified) is often that come with the top items possesses the following factors:
Torque: 10 nN-nm
First rate: 0 GHz
Supreme Speed: 100 GHz
As i used another issues with this simulation:
Casings: 1100
Measures for each design: 100
Heat selection: 3 hundred

This anime never-ending cycle displays your own housing shown using hoses mode.
- Mark

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