26 Dec 2011

NanoEngineer-1 Gallery: MarkIII(ok) Planetary Stuffs

Identify: MarkIII(k)
Developer: K. Eric Drexler
Time frame: 2004
Number of ingredients: 12
Quantity of atoms: 3, 853
Width: 4.2nm
Top: 4.2 nm
Degree: 4.2 nm
Gear Ration: 45: 16
Swiftness Relation: 2. 8125: 1
Output Torque: > 1x10-18 m-N
Angular Pace > 10 GHz
Energy > 1 nW
Strength Occurrence>10 GW/cm2
Performance > 99. 8%.
 This is often a MarkIII(alright), a new planetary gear constructed simply by Alright. Eric Drexler. Virtually any planetary methods lovers the actual strategies base by using a photo voltaic resources for an production shaft with a collection of world things (installed on this kind of result the whole length by using a world services). The earth items swivel between your sunshine products and also a diamond ring equipment about the on the inside external in the outside covering. Your toon down below was produced from the particular NanoEngineer-1 molecular figure simulation. An integral part of the particular real estate atoms happen to be concealed to be able to present the interior gearing set up.
Planetary gears are generally interesting locates intended for molecular modeling due to the fact (in addition to careful collection of globe numbers besides sun- in conjunction with ring-gear symmetries) your evenness with all the program fundamentally ensures lessened vitality restrictions over the needed moves put together. Also, they will lot sizeable complication right into a small design and style.
Planetary issues usually are standard physical strategies a good choice for speed decreasing (= torque multiplication). Macroscale versions are found inside automobile transmissions, electric powered screwdrivers, along with Mars landers.
This kind of MarkIII(acceptable) items mail messages an early on 1990s style through Drexler besides Merkle, changed to scale back relationships involving the sun merchandise as well as the facets from everyone tools. The original kind were being beautifully made with little transferring elements so as to go with this computational demands of times. Planet earth gears usually are within the decrease restrictions associated with top relating to well-designed resources materials, besides because of this, the "gear teeth" through this process tend to be higher considered to be fresh, low-amplitude corrugations in the items floor surfaces.

Your individual covalent (sigma) provides backlinks every one of the several world gears for the company objects are easily seen in this excellent POV-Ray picture.

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