7 Dec 2011

Be very successful Neeman expands in response to biosimilars promote

Bangalore, Dec 06, 2011: Be very successful Neeman has fit up a team to conduct Biosimilar studies pro evaluation and efficacy of products. The company prolonged into this arena since India has demonstrated the utmost acceptance of Biosimilars reflected by ended 50 biopharmaceutical brands getting marketing praise. Chief executive Dr Ajoy Kumar understood he said in a open, knowledge-based organization to come across client's needs.
The Indian Biosimilars promote in 2008 was estimated to be worth approximately $200 million by Universal Consulting [India-based promote investigate steady. This is forecasted to get to $580 million by 2012 due to two answer factors: Relation cost benefit of biosimilars development versus competitors elsewhere and decrease regulatory supplies pro establishing bioequivalence, which furthermore helps to keep development expenditure low. Currently, the manufacture and marketing of biosimilars in India is governed by the Environment Protection Act of 1970 and the Drugs and Cosmetic Act.

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