14 Mar 2012

Molecular Biology Basics

In this guide we have provided descriptions and links to bioinformatics resources that can help you learn more about genes and proteins associated with genetic disorders or traits. Most were designed for students and professionals in the life sciences, so a certain level of familiarity with genetics and molecular biology is assumed. For those of you looking for an introduction to the science behind the Human Genome Project, we have included links to basic genetics and molecular biology resources that can be reviewed before you attempt to use the bioinformatics resources.

Genomics and Its Impact on Science and Society: The Human Genome Project and Beyond - Department of Energy (DOE) publication. Defines basic genetic terms and overviews human genome mapping and sequencing, model organism research, informatics, and the impact of the Human Genome Project.

The Science Behind the Human Genome Project - Web pages that define some basic genetics concepts and explain how the Human Genome Project was implemented.

Genome Glossary - DOE Human Genome Program glossary of genetics terms. Can be searched or browsed alphabetically; links to other life science glossaries.

To Know Ourselves: DOE publication that explains the agency's involvement with the Human Genome Project. Includes sections on human genome physical mapping and sequencing; technological developments in laboratory instrumentation; management of genomic data; and the project's ethical, legal and social implications.

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