17 Mar 2012

ELISA Antibody Characteristics

ELISAantibody is a protein found in ELISA kit to recognize and also neutralize concentrate on things such as antigen, some other antibody as well as cytokine. It really is additional vulnerable and specific, leading to enhancement throughout ELISA prognosis limit

High Sensitivity

The recognition limit is just 3. 1 pg/ml.

High Specificity

Entire length protein, rather than peptides while immunogen. Most of antibodies had been produced with recombinant full length aminoacids seeing that immunogen, which often makes certain better holding affinity and specificity for the native proteins.
Antibody couple of 2 mAbs. In some associated with ELISA kits, the particular catch antibody as well as recognition antibody are usually each mAbs, for instance human being CD146 ELISA system (SEK10115) and also human MMP-9 ELISA kit (SEK10327). This antibody pair of 2 mAbs makes sure better specificity compared to the majority of ELISA kits which often include things like mAb as seize antibody as well as pAb while discovery antibody.

High-Quality Standard

More than 90% associated with recombinant aminoacids tend to be human cell-expressed. Human cell expression makes certain the appropriate flip, glycosylation, gamma-carboxylation along with post-translational change of recombinant healthy proteins.

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