9 Aug 2011

Features of YACs

1. Substantial DNA (>100 kb) is ligated between two arms. Every arm finishes with a yeasttelomere so the product or service can be stabilized within the yeast cell. Interestingly, larger YACs are more stable compared to smaller types, which usually favors cloning of significant extends associated with DNA.

2. One arm contains an autonomous duplication sequence (ARS), a centromere (CEN) and aselectable marker (trp1). Another arm contains a second selectable marker (ura3).

3. Insertion involving DNA to the cloning site inactivates a mutant indicated in the vector DNA as well as red yeast colonies appear.

4. Transformants tend to be recognized because individuals red colonies which grow in a yeast cellular that is mutant with regard to trp1 along with ura3. This ensures that the cellular has received an synthetic chromosome along with both telomeres (on account of complementation from the two mutants) as well as the artificial chromosome consists of insert DNA (considering that the cell is actually red).

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