6 Aug 2011

Charcteristics involving Plasmids

1. It must be smaller (40 kb), supercoiled, covalently closed down spherical (CCC) Geonomics and exist for extrachromosomal aspect.
2. It must carry a various cloning site and polycloning location regarding installation of the gene of great interest.
3. It needs to possess atleast 2 selectable markers one of which can be an anti-biotic opposition gene.
4. It must be within good sized quantities for each cell.
5. It must have an source of duplication.
6. It mayor may not include a promoter expressing the actual gene of great interest.
Plasmids tend to be classified into different teams based on several attributes.
Based upon the ability to get familiar with conjugation, plasmids are of two types. Conjugative plasmids are those which take component in conjugation. They've tra genetics which help in conjugation, e.g. P. Plasmids which lack options are called as non conjugative plasmid DNA, e.g. pBR 322.

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