2 May 2013

Workshop | 24-25 June 2013

Workshop Handling of Reconstituted 3D Tissue Models,  24-25 June 2013

“Handling of Reconstituted 3D Tissue Models”
[In Collaboration with Skin Ethic Academy, Lyon, France] 24-25 June, 2013

Mahatma Gandhi – Doerenkamp Center (MGDC)
For Alternatives to Use of Animals in Life Science Education,
Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli 620 024, India
[Supported by Doerenkamp-Zbinden Foundation (DZF), Switzerland
In collaboration with People for Animals (PfA), Chennai]
E-mail: director@mgdccloud.org Ph.: +91 9790995854, +91 9884846445, +91 9994226756

About MGDC
MGDC is at mission to motivate students, teachers and scientists in India to take to “alternatives” in the place of animals in life science / biomedical science education, research, and risk assessment, along the lines of 3Rs principle, and to impart training in the “alternatives”.

Background of the workshop
Advancements in cell culture and in vitro toxicology techniques have given researchers a viable alternative and/or complement to live animal testing. These methods can be used to elucidate the mechanism of toxic action of chemicals on particular target organ/cells, and various toxicity endpoints can be determined at levels including cellular, molecular and organ level. A variety of cell-based methods including monolayer cultures (2 Dimensional), multilayered cultures (3D), miniaturized 3D models and co-culture models have been developed and used for the assessment and/or ranking of various chemicals/drugs.

The recent tissue engineered/reconstituted 3D in vitro models, in which stem-cell derived cells are grown within or on extracellular matrix gels where cells behave as parts of whole living organs, overcome the limitations in the monolayer/2D cultures. Several such 3D models that have been brought into use include 3D hepatocyte cultures, tumor models, cardiac tissue models, bone tissue models, cornea tissue models, and skin models, etc., the use of which can save millions of animals from pain and distress. More importantly, the data generated are human-relevant. Particularly, 3D epithelial models can completely replace animals in cosmetics testing. The SkinEthic from France, a pioneer in developing and distributing in vitro human skin & epithelial models, joins hands with MGDC to educate / train the Indian academic, scientific and regulatory communities in alternatives to animal testing using SkinEthic’s in vitro reconstructed 3D models in a hands-on training workshop at MGDC, Tiruchirappalli. Nominations/Registrations are invited.

The workshop will cover
·         Presentations on alternative methods, 3D tissue engineering, the various reconstituted 3D tissue models, etc.
·         Lab exercises on in vitro skin irritation protocol
·         Trainees will perform hands-on application of test substances on real tissue-engineered models, generate data and interpret the results
·         This training session is a unique opportunity to acquire the most advanced techniques – including tips and tricks – compliant with the 7th Amendment of the EU Cosmetics Directive, the REACh program, part of OECD guidelines, and DCGI’s directive IS4011

Who can participate?
·         Faculties and Scientists from Universities and Research Institutes, with a background knowledge of animal cell / tissue culture
·         Representatives from Regulatory Bodies /Authorities / Science Academies
·         Enrollment will be limited to 8 participants
·         CROs/Technicians/Personnel from Pharma Industry & Contract Labs will not be entertained in this slot. They may contact aalonso@skinethic for info on another workshop exclusively for these personnel at the same venue on June 26 & 27, 2013.

Registration Fee: Rs. 25,000 /-

This highly subsidized registration fee includes guest house accommodation where rooms need to be shared, and reasonably good food for the 2 days. Those trainees who prefer to avail hotel accommodation will have to make their own arrangements there for, and bear the cost. The participants will have to bear the cost of travel.

How to Apply

Interested candidates may fill in the prescribed application form which may be downloaded from MGDC website www.mgdcaua.org and submit the same to the Director, MGDC, at his mail id director@mgdccloud.org. The last date for receipt of application: May 17, 2013. Selected candidates will be intimated via Email by third week of May, and the registration charge is to be paid thereafter in a DD.Further details can be had from the website www.mgdcaua.org

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