7 Jan 2012

Multiple and Portable ELISA

A new technique (EP 1 499 894 B1 in EPO Bulletin 25.02.209 N. 2009/09; USPTO 7510687 in USPTO Bulletin 31.03.2009; ZL 03810029.0 in SIPO PRC Bulletin 08.04.2009) uses a solid phase made up of an immunosorbent polystyrene rod with 8-12 protruding ogives. The entire device is immersed in a test tube containing the collected sample and the following steps (washing, incubation in conjugate and incubation in chromogenous) are carried out by dipping the ogives in microwells of standard microplates pre-filled with reagents.

The advantages of this technique are as follows:
1.    The ogives can each be sensitized to a different reagent, allowing the simultaneous detection of different antibodies and/or different antigens for multi-target assays;
2.    The sample volume can be increased to improve the test sensitivity in clinical (blood, saliva, urine), food (bulk milk, pooled eggs) and environmental (water) samples;
3.    One ogive is left unsensitized to measure the non-specific reactions of the sample;
4.    The use of laboratory supplies for dispensing sample aliquots, washing solution and reagents in microwells is not required, facilitating the development of ready-to-use lab-kits and on-site kits.

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